School Staff

R. Popp

Office Administrator
Kathy Gilmour

Resource Teachers
A. Fennell
C. MacNeil



C. Scully
J. Moor

Grade 1
M. Hickman
L. Weber

Grade 2

J. Gallant

D. Elliott

Grade 2/3

B. Hamilton 

Grade 3
M. Vena
D. Haskell

Grade 4 English
B. Moreira
J. Moor

Grade 5 English

J. Brothers

M. Utano

Grade 6 English
T. Duhaime
B. Moreira


G. Belanger
V. Courville

Grade 1,2, 2/3,3
N. Clement

Grade 1,2,3
S. Menard

Grade 4 immersion
J. Poirier

Grade 4/5 extended

V. Courville

Grade 5 immersion, Gr. 6 extended

I. Bissonnette

Grade 5 immersion, gr. 6 immersion
C. Ouellette

Educational Assistants 

N. Milne
N. Murdoch

K. Lefebvre

L. Durant

C. Sennett

Early Childhood Educators
C. Daillaire
J. Stevens

M. Cruikshank

Library Technician
S. Greenman

Head Caretaker
D. Larmour
O. Coffin (Evening Caretaker)



About Our School

Principal's Message

The staff at St. Mary School is committed to providing quality Catholic education. The strength of our school comes from the Catholic faith that the staff, students and community share.

Through full implementation of the Ontario Curriculum and with a focus on continuous improvement, our students develop the skills and knowledge required to reach provincial achievement levels within an exclusive Catholic environment. We reach out to our community partners, we celebrate with them and we work together to build up our school community.

As lifelong learners, the staff engage in a number of professional development activities such as developing yearly growth plans, participating in workshops and conferences and taking additional courses. Working together, with the support of parents, we offer students curriculum experiences which have real world applications.

St. Mary School provides a positive, faithful and enriching learning environment for all of our community members. Working with parents, we strive to ensure that all students realize their potential.

Activities, Clubs & Teams

Many activities are ongoing at our school. We are confident that our students benefit from the co-curricular activites we offer which include:
  • Choir
  • Environmental Club
  • Peer Mediators
  • Cross-Country
  • Mini-Volleyball
  • Lacrosse
  • Handball
  • Tchoukball
  • Track and Field
  • Touch Football