posted Sep 23, 2018, 7:12 PM by Rosanne Popp   [ updated Sep 23, 2018, 7:13 PM ]

I am thankful that our community and our school was spared the type of damage that occurred elsewhere in Ottawa from Friday's tornadoes.  As you have undoubtedly heard from previous phone and email messages, St. Mary School, along with all Ottawa Catholic Schools, is closed today (Mon. Sept. 24). Bus transportation is cancelled, as are our Board's EDP (before-and-after school) daycare programs

While we have electricity, operational traffic signals and little damage from downed trees here in Greely, that is not the case elsewhere.  Many of our employees at St. Mary travel from other parts of the city.  By closing schools, and keeping our Board's 4000 employees and 38000 students off the roads, we are cooperating with Ottawa Emergency Services as they work to return power and safe road conditions to all parts of our city.  Community use of our school this evening is also cancelled.  This means that our first School Council meeting (scheduled for tonight at 7pm) is cancelled and will have to be rescheduled.  As soon as a new date is chosen for our School Council meeting, we will share that information with our parents and guardians.

Please refer back to our school website or the board website at later today for an update regarding school closures for Tuesday.  As well, please keep all members of the greater Ottawa community, who are still suffering the effects of last Friday's events, in your thoughts and prayers.

Rosanne Popp, Principal St. Mary School